2009 – summary

18Apr09 – Nottingham – Japan Training Seminar

Thanks all who came to Nottingham on Saturday 18th April – 35 people in all from Nottingham, London, Brimingham, Leeds, Doncaster and who knows where else.

We looked at various applications of cross-stepping in applying various techniques against a punch or grab – then looking at how to make the attack effective. These ideas in general terms came from my understanding of Koto Ryu and various ways of covering the grip inspired by Takagi Yoshin and Shinden Fudo Ryu techniques.
After some experimentation with the rope in taijutsu we moved onto some kenjutsu – with a technique, the counter, then counter-counter, counter-counter-counter until thouroughly confused. One thing I was trying to put across and explore further for myself is using the sword like a rope to wind round someone to tie them up and control, as opposed to hack ‘n’ slash – maybe a good analogy is of a snake coiling round it’s prey before constricting.

Pictures courtesy of Raf.

25May09 – Richmond Park

Success! After a little rain in the morning it remained dry and pleasant til the evening.


Great training hidden away under the trees in Richmond park followed by a few drinks at the Roebuck after…

PICT0602 - CopyPICT0600 - CopyPICT0596 - Copy

14Jun09 – Nottingham – Gyokko Ryu – Part 1

玉虎流骨指術 – 上中下略の巻

Theme: Gyokko Ryu – fundamentals and the techniques from the 3 levels – Jo, Chu and Ge Ryaku no Maki

Date: Sunday 14th June 2009

Time: 12pm – 5pm

Thanks all those that came along, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day. There was a lot of material to cover, resulting in a shortened lunchbreak and overrunning of the booked time (thanks to the staff for their polite reminder a little after 5).
Below is a summary of the techniques we covered, the kanji are correct to my knowledge and any mistakes are my own. I will not post descriptions of techniques, this is for reference purposes, so use this how you will and feel free to ask me any questions.

捕手基本型 – Torite Kihon Gata
like kihon happo, but numbered 1 to 10, with uke grabbing with left hand first then right hand. Numbers 9 and 10 are Jigoku Dori not Ganseki Nage

上略之巻 – Jō Ryaku no Maki – the upper level scroll
taijutsu techniques
虚空 Kokū – empty space
輦輿 Renryo – imperial palanquin
彈手 Danshu – projectile hand
彈指 Danshi – projectile finger
逆流 Sakanagare – reverse flow
鳬鷗 Keo – seagull

中略之巻 – Chū Ryaku no Maki – the middle level scroll
unarmed against wakizashi
拏振 Dashin – catch and shake
虎落 Koraku – tiger fall
蜂先 Hōsen – bee sting
橰 Kō, Hanetsurube – swell well bucket

下略之巻 – Ge Ryaku no Maki – the lower level scroll
mutodori – unarmed against katana
隼雄 Shunū – corresponding hero
沈雁 Chingan – sinking wind goose
風盂 Fū – wind bowl

Hatsumi Gyokko

11Jul09 – Nottingham – Gyokko Ryu – Part 2

Theme: Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu
Date: Saturday 11th July
Time: 11pm – 4pm

Thanks all that came along on Saturday.
Was very glad to cover the techniques of each of the three levels – albeit a couple in very cursory fashion, but hopefully those are the ones we are more familiar with.

The three levels of Jō Chū Ge relate to the Ten Chi Jin as the Gasshō ‘prayer’ kamae:

Ten Ryaku Uchū Gasshō – heaven strategy universe prayer

Chi Ryaku Futen Goshin Gasshō – earth strategy wind heaven self protection prayer

Chi Sui Ka Fu Henka no Kamae Hannō Banetsu Gasshō – man strategy earth water fire wind changing posture, response of the flood prayer

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