My name is Mark Brown.  I began studying martial arts from the age of 9 upon my return to England from warm and sunny places.  Starting out with Kyushindo Judo for 9 years followed by a year of Jujutsu and Kook Sool Won at 18.

In 1995 I began training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu at Southampton University under Phil McNulty.  In 2003 I visited Japan for a training holiday and consequently decided to move there (just for a year though…).  6 years later saw my return to the UK.  Whilst in Japan I trained regularly with Soke, Seno and Nagato – and as time allowed with Noguchi, Oguri, Yoshida and Someya.

Currently I am based in the Bristol and Somerset area and travel around visiting friends dojos.  I conduct regular outdoor training sessions near to home as well as extended training sessions with other buyu around the UK.

The inspiration for the title of this site comes from the term Musha Shugyō 武者修行 meaning a warriors pilgrimage or journey to develop, test and hone their skills.  This name already being quite popular in Japanese martial arts resulted in Bujin Shugyō 武神修行, which I feel is a pleasantly appropriate alternative – a Bujinkan journey or my Wanderings in Budo.

This webpage is a forum for me to publish my ramblings, ideas and inspirations on Budo as well as to announce training days or seminars along with a few pictures afterwards.

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