6-7Apr12 – Yari Ken Taijutsu – Sheffield

Workshop covering – 槍剣體 – Yari-Ken-Tai – Spear-Sword-Body

Over the two days we looked at methods of using the sword, spear and body. Practiced separately and in conjunction with the purpose of understanding the application of fundamental taijutsu, body movement and physical structure, in the implementation of unarmed technique and use of weapons.

We looked at basics, kamae & kihon, of both the katana and yari, moving on to specific waza from the Kukishin ryū, concluding with forms of mutōdori.

The yari techniques studied were taken from Kukishin ryū Sōjutsu Kaisetsu Gata, the first level of techniques from this tradition:

• Kanpō – warding or restraining method
• Shihō Waza – four-directional technique
• Hichō Kaku – flying or leaping bird hurl

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