Gikan Ryū Koppōjutsu – article translation



Gikan ryū koppōjutsu

Drawing from the transmission of kosshijustsu, founded in the 16th century in Kawachi by Uryū Hangan Gikanbō.
From this koppōjutsu transmission there is another koppō school called Hontai Gyokushin ryū by Suzuki Daizentaro Chikamasa, passed on to Fukao Kakuma Shigeyoshi as Izumo koppō, this school was not transmitted to Hatsumi sensei (aka this is not the one that was passed to Hatsumi)

爪生判官義鑑房 Uryū Hangan Gikanbō

判官 Hangan, Zō – judge or magistrate, this term originates from the Ritsuryo 律令 system introduced to Japan from China in the 7th Century – originally it indicated an administrator of the 3rd or 4th rank (out of 4).

義鑑 Gikan
Paragon of Justice

Most commonly Gikan ryū is referred to as the ‘Truth, Loyalry and Justice School’, this name being repeated throughout any site in English in relation to the Bujinkan (schools).

It may seem strange to many to point out this out, however Truth, Loyalty and Justice are differing meanings of the first character ‘Gi’ 義 – so really the ‘Truth, Loyalty and Justice School’ should be Gi ryū.

The more significant, and completely ignored, is the second character ‘kan’ 鑑, used to indicate several ideas from ‘to learn or take warning from’ or ‘a specimen or model’.

Gikan can be understood as the Example of Righteousness, Model of Honour, Paragon of Justice, Exemplar of Truth, To Take Heed of Morality.

Gikan ryū, to narrow it down in English parlance, can be the Paragon of Virtue or Paragon of Justice Style.

Example of loyalty

Gikan ryū is one of the 4 styles attributed to Gyokkan, who learnt the Gyokko ryū of Hachidō Nyūdō through Tozawa Hyakuunsai Kaneuji. Gikan ryū is passed though Ishitani Matsutarō Takakage and then on to Takamatsu Toshitsugu to arrive at Hatsumi Masaaki.

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3 Responses to “Gikan Ryū Koppōjutsu – article translation”

  1. Hey Mark, nice work, its nice to have something clear and concise like this in the public domain.

    Any chance of posting a high resolution jpg of the original article text.



    • Hello Dan,

      Thanks and am glad it is helpful.

      To answer your question – I will probably post a higher resolution image when I have posted all the translations – I’m thinking of collating them together under one page on the menu.

      For info – from the beginning I purposefully ensured the original was not of sufficient quality to be worth reproducing. I have experienced that the information I have been sharing freely has been subverted by people seeking to profit from its dissemination. This is also combined with the fact that this was a photocopied page of a magazine that Hatsumi-sensei had handed out, that I have no necessity beyond my compunction to practice kanji to share.

      My apologies if this sounds harsh, just endeavouring to be clear

  2. OK, no worries. I look forward to your next post.



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