Essence of Budō – Kyoba…

From the Essence of Budō book by Hatsumi sōke – in the English text the translation for the yari technique kyoba is missing, though appears in the Japanese text, and is assumed to be a publishing omission (p90).

Below is the Japanese text from the book and a translation.


The body is postured on the right diagonal. The kamae is chūdan. Pull the body back one step, showing the spear tip spin to the right and sweep the opponent’s left ankle. From this position take a step back turn the spear tip to the left and sweep the opponent’s right ankle. These strikes from the right or left sweep and knock down. This technique is also called seven leaves reversal. In the denshō (image transmission) it is written that all creation can be see in the changing shadows of (falling) leaves.

The above is my translation and an attempt to stay in line with the other techniques in the book.

There are several ways to render 七枚葉 – shichimaiyō, shichimaiba, nanamaiba – though not normally kyoba. Shi is often avoided when speaking about living people or their actions as one meaning of shi is death and seen to invite such.

Kyoba is an alternate name for this technique as the intention is to use kyojitsu 虚実, interchanging falsehood and truth. Ba 葉 commonly refers to a leaf/leaves or is a counter for leaves, however it can also mean spear. Seven leaves 七枚葉 nanamaiba – kyoba is also the deceptive spear 虚葉 kyoba.


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