21Aug11 – Richmond Park – Jūtaijutsu

A lucky sunny break in the weather allowed us to train in the usual secluded area of Richmond Park this Sunday – apart from the annoyance of getting leaf detritus in your eyes during ukemi.

We started with a review of the basic standing throws from kumiuchi, looking at affecting the balance and body position of uke to then be able to apply the throw more naturally.

An understanding of these throwing techniques is essential for practicing the jūtaijutsu of Shinden fudō ryū.

The rest of the afternoon was devoted to working through the chūden gata, middle level, of Shinden fudō ryū jūtaijutsu. These techniques are for dealing with an attacker who has come in to grapple, and utilises various changing grips and building reactionary movements to increase the effect on uke.

~ by bujinshugyo on August 22, 2011.

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