Sat 6th Aug – Kodachi & Jūtaijutsu

For the first workshop in Bridgwater in Somerset, after dodging the holiday traffic heading down to Cornwall, we focused on the basics of the short sword – kodachi, wakizashi, shotō – and jūtaijutsu from the shinden fudō ryū.

Thanks for those that came along and your enthusiasm leading to extending the class for a further hour, and for making the bbq entertaining.

• We began with how to wear, move and draw the kodachi.
• Cutting with the kodachi and cutting or thrusting targets.
• Applying kihon happō to allow use of the kodachi.
• Kodachijutsu kamae – seigan, naka seigan and otonashi.
• Kodachijutsu kata – hichō no ken, shishi geki, jūji ken – omote and ura gata – against attacks with either of the daishō.
• Shinden fudō ryū jūtaijutsu – introduction to kamae and techniques of this school.



~ by bujinshugyo on August 12, 2011.

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