Important – to anyone reading and referring to my wanderings

Take note!

Please anyone that reads this and the list of kata to the right – it is a summary of my present understanding of my study in the Bujinkan and a practice in kanji. It is NOT a list of all the kata/waza of all the schools of the Bujinkan ryūha arranged as they are found in the Denshō and categorised as such. The layout of the information is mostly down to the possibilities/limitations of wordpress layouts. And don’t be fooled into thinking that if something is not there then it is unknown. I have no intention of listing everything I know (or at least think I know!). I welcome any constructive messages, questions and suggestions.

The problem I have found with most Bujinkan (and other Japanese martial arts) site’s is that they often mindlessly copy and repeat lists of techniques and translations, without listing the kanji themselves and omitting the extended vowels ō and ū. To people without much knowledge of Japanese this is fine. However the vowel extensions are VITAL in pronunciation as they alter the word. For me this is a pet peeve. My purpose has been to list kanji, romanji form and a possible translation/interpretation – as I couldn’t find this reliably elsewhere. For Kanji there are numerous ways to translate them into English, but to list all sorts of interpretations would take up too much space and detract from the layout. Semantics play an important part in our understanding of the English language leading to various interpretations of just the English phrases, let alone the original Japanese. I have also written this to help my own understanding of training, to delve through all the notes I have made over the years. Much of this is and will remain personal.

Budō is a personal journey, though not a solitary one, so make the most out of fellow buyū.

My advice – get on with training, find good teachers, and if you can train with the Shihan in Japan. And remember the purpose of the author when reading their works – verbal kurai dori.

~ by bujinshugyo on July 6, 2011.

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