Fukuro Shinai – blade length in 尺

For the fukuro shinai I am making by hand have a look at the link to the right for full details.

The material costs for making these have been increasing, so far I have kept the prices the same. For the rest of July I will keep the prices as they are – Long £60 – Regular £55 – Ninjato £50 – Short £40.
In August I will review them and update these pages. So best to order now – send an email to markekbrown@gmail.com with what you are after and where you are.

The standard Japanese measurement for the length of sword blades is the Shaku 尺. So for handy reference I have listed below the rough blade lengths of the fukuro shinai – each made is individual so there may be a little variation from that listed:

• Long – 2.7尺
• Regular – 2.4尺
• Ninja – 1.9尺
• Short – 1.5尺

You may wonder why I have been using these terms for each type of sword – really it is to save on confusion as people can have different conceptions from the various Japanese terms – ie. daitō, katana, bokken, tachi, ōdachi, bokutō, ōkatana, kodachi, shotō, wakizashi and so on


~ by bujinshugyo on July 1, 2011.

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