Kihon Happō V

Ōkii saizu – Big Size!!

The second point form Senō sensei regarding kihon happō is to ‘make it big’. When practicing movement by oneself, or with a partner, in sanshin and kihon happō overemphasise the movements, stretch. Remember this is a form for practice…

For example – ichimonji no kamae – drop the hips very low making the right step back difficult, the left arm drops in a large arc across the body to loop up and out to left, extending past the point where the block would occur to stretch the front of the shoulder, then step in deeply with the right, dropping the omote shutō through and down.

The point here is to extend and stretch the body beyond the norm. Instead of the usual range of movement at the hip, shoulder and other joints where the body is strongest, in the range of 15%-85%, either side of this the limb is at a disadvantage. By stretching beyond the usual comfort range you can increase the effective range of each joint or limb and as a result the entire body. By making the movements large in the striking and locking movements of the kihon happō you are magnifying the taijutsu necessary to perform the technique, only by understanding the taijutsu in the ‘macro’ form can you then begin to gradually minimise the movements whilst maintaining the same effectiveness, step-by-step.

Only in this way is anyone able to approach what Sōke can manage with an appearance of effortlessness.


~ by bujinshugyo on June 12, 2011.

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