Kihon Happō III

From Someya Sensei…

When doing kihon happō bear in mind that both tori 取り and uke 受け are practicing.  Uke is not simply the receiver, grabbing or striking and awaiting the application of a technique by tori.  Uke should be practicing correct movement and striking technique.

An example of this is in kihon happō torite kata gohō – the 5 hand capture methods.  Tori and uke are practicing waza and ukemi.  Someya sensei has made a specific point that in Bujinkan ukemi one should roll and come up on the feet, enabling uke to rise into kamae or to move off in another direction.

Below are the examples Someya sensei used from the torite kata gohō of the waza and corresponding ukemi as a practice expercise/drill:

• Omote gyaku – yoko nagare
• Omote gyaku tsuki – kohō kaiten
• Ura graku – zenpō kaiten
• Musha dori – kohō kaiten
• Ganseki nage – zenpō kaiten

~ by bujinshugyo on February 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Kihon Happō III”

  1. Cant argue against good ukemi. I havent been to Someyas class in a long time. Is he still genki?

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