Kihon Happō I

In the book Togakure Ryū Ninpō Taijutsu, published 1983 in Japanese, Soke Hatsumi lists the kihon happō as two parts including the eight basic forms of:

起本型         Kihon Gata – beginning/origin forms
• 一文字       Ichimonji
• 飛鳥          Hichō
• 十文字       Jūmonji

捕手起本型   Torite Kihon Gata – hand capture beginning forms
• 表小手型    Omote Kote Gata
• 裏小手型    Ura Kote Gata
• 表逆拳捌型 Omote Gyaku Ken Sabaki Gata
• 腕締足折型 Ude Jime Ashi Ori Kata
• 巌石型       Ganseki Kata

Ude jime ashi ori kata – literally means ‘arm constricting leg break’ – now commonly called musha dori

~ by bujinshugyo on January 15, 2011.

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