2011 Kihon Happō

Soke has said the theme for 2011 is kihon happō… as well as being the year of the hare or rabbit 卯 usagi

Depending on the characters used this can be written to have many meanings beyond the common understanding of the eight foundation methods.  One example is 季翻初崩 – which could be transliterated along the lines of  ‘as seasons change, the beginning of the decline’.  Also look at Duncan’s comments as the year progresses.

基本 kihon – generally translated as foundation or basis.  By itself kihon encapsulates all of the basics that make up training – ukemi, kamae, striking, receiving, locks, throws, walking… everything in the Ten and Chi Ryaku no Maki and more. Kihon has also been frequently rendered as  – 奇本 mysterious origins – by Hatsumi Sensei.

八法 happō – literally eight methods, principles or laws.

基本八法 kihon happō – together this refers to the eight foundation techniques of budō taijutsu, divided into the 3 striking techniques of the kosshi kihon sanpō and the 5 locking techniques of the torite kihon gohō, as follows:

骨指基本三法 Kosshi Kihon Sanpō
• 一文字の構 Ichimonji no kamae
• 飛鳥の構    Hichō no kamae
• 十文字の構 Jūmonji no kamae

捕手基本型五法 Torite Kihon Gata Gohō
• 表逆          Omote Gyaku – outer reversal
• 裏逆          Ura Gyaku – inner reversal
• 表逆拳捌    Omote Gyaku Ken Sabaki – outer reversal with punch
• 武者捕       Musha Dori – warrior capture
• 巌石投       Ganseki Nage – big rock throw


~ by bujinshugyo on January 6, 2011.

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