April 11th training summary

Thanks all for coming along on Sunday, everyone appeared to have enjoyed themselves and I hope learnt something new or grasped some new insights into some of the taijutsu.

In order through the afternoon we looked at:

1 – the 5 kamae – Goho no Kamae
2 – the various blocking and receiving styles – how these dictated by wearing armour and changing distances
3 – 12 techniques of the initial level – Shoden Gata
4 – 10 techniques of the middle level – Chuden Gata (due to time we omitted the waza Taki no Se and Shio Kaze)

A couple of points taken from the 2007 training in Japan were from:
* Seno Sensei – Kukishin style blocking – the arm is used like a whip, making use of the knees, hips and whole body in the movement.
* Nagato Sensei – Koto and Gyokko techniques are effective form beginning to end – Kukishin is a little different, the techniques are long and have openings, the point is to know this and see how the technique actually works.

The Kukishin techniques often have a long series of attacks (right punch, left punch, right kick, left kick, right punch, left punch and so on…), each of these steps in the technique is important to study the closing distance between tori and uke and the build up to the lock/grapple/throw etc.  You can just study the end of the technique for a specific lock or throw, however here the body position and angling will be different as you have not been influencing uke up to this point…

Be aware of this and study how the angle and type of blocking or receiving influences or invites the next attack.


~ by bujinshugyo on April 12, 2010.

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