Figure it out as you go along – kyusho

Kyusho – finally got round to adding this little comment after adding the kyusho section in December – as mentioned when I started putting up this information last year, this is intended as a list of Bujinkan techniques for my own kanji and training practice, interest in the kanji and a reference for others should they be interested…  But also not looking to explain any techniques – hence, there is no explanation of what the kyusho are – but if you are training then you will be learning them as you go along so all is okay.

The great thing I have found assembling this info – going through new and old notes, remembering seminars and classes from when I was a green belt in Southampton – is how things are slotting into place along with sudden flashes of ‘ooh, that’s what we were learning’, it wasn’t all so random after all.  Makes me realise the amount of ‘stuff’ we have to learn is no small task and there are no short cuts – but try telling me that 15 years ago when all you want is to learn all the really cool shit with a sword.

So enjoy the journey as it is individual for everyone – as Soke has been saying, find a good teacher, (or several) – but don’t expect it to be handed to you on a plate, you need to put in the time, effort and enjoy it.

~ by bujinshugyo on January 14, 2010.

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