Naginata, Yari, Jutte and Tessen

A long weekend at home has led to some kanji enthusiasm.

For anyone that actually reads this, the naginata was pretty straightforward though I need to check which kanji is used in seigan – 正, 青, 征

In the jutte section for the five techniques, as you may recognise as the techniques from Juppo Sessho in 2003, the first one – Kiri no hito ha – uses kanji for paulowlina, one leaf, whilst trying to remain very vague in translation this one is a tricky on to write without a little interpretation.  So we end up with the falling leaves of the paulowina which implies the falling leaves of autumn (for those horticulturally inclined I hope this is correct), so may therefore imply some kind of  beauteous life coming to an end in the natural cycle of life.  As a variation to this, looking at my notes from hombu in 2003, Nagato sensei said this technique can be kiri ni shito ha and translate to taking one step or one cut.

For the yari, much of the info on kanji is taken from Hatsumi’s 1994 Budo Densho Sojutsu book.  There are two kanji here that are proving very elusive, I can find a similar kanji with a similar meaning but not the exact electonic form and no indication that the electronic form is a modernised version.  I’m half tempted to stick this kanji in anyway as the majority of people will be none the wiser – I’m only adverse to doing this as I may forget and then believe myself that it is correct.

I hope this also leads you to question the veracity of all this information.  Please take all this with the purpose that it is intended and I hope that it helps you to move forward on the path of learning.  If you notice any errors or can suggest corrections please let me know – I’ll take any input onboard and try to stop the natural reaction of getting defensive, haha.

Currently I am working on the kenjutsu techniques and may be finished shortly.


~ by bujinshugyo on November 23, 2009.

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